New single Sam Grab My Winchester will be released August 16th digitally, so mark your calendars!

Also, we will be going on tour to promote the new single and our past releases on the “Sam Grab My Winches-Tour”

8/15th-Houston, Tx @ TBA
8/16th-Dallas, Tx @ TBA
8/17th-Kansas City, MO @ Californos
8/20th-St. Louis, MO @ Cicero’s
8/21st-Chicago, IL @ TBA
8/22nd-Fort Wayne, IN @ CS3
8/23rd-Grand Rapids, MI @ Rocky’s Bar & Grill
8/26th-Louisville, KY @ the New Vintage
8/27th-Nashvile, TN @ the East Room
8/30th-Austin, Tx @ Session Hall
8/31st-San Antonio, TX @ TBA

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